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Road Running Website Refresh

The menu and contents of the Wiltshire Road Running League have been through a refresh. The updates are as follows:

  • Simplified Menu
  • Previous years tables, fixtures etc are on a single (NEW) archive page, with links
  • Previous years tables have been reformatted to give a common look and feel
  • (NEW) Added a Roll of Honour page detailing the various Road Race Winners by year
  • Wording has generally been refreshed to represent the context of the page
  • The Road Running Records are now under the Road Running menu

In future we will try to keep the historical records under the archive page for easy navigation and keep menu pages to a smaller number of currently active pages.

The layout has been tested on a PC, Tablet and Phone with the aim of improving navigation and readability.

Many of the external downloads have been removed to keep the WAA assets in a single location, rather than on different individuals hosted machines.

We welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy the changes that have been made. These changes will be rolled out into the Off-Road and Junior leagues, subject to any feedback and improvements in due course.