**IMPORTANT: Wiltshire Road Race League 2020 Announcement**

Following previous updates regarding the rescheduling, postponement and cancellation of various fixtures within the 2020 WRRL, Wiltshire Athletic Association is today in the position to sadly announce the cancellation of the 2020 league.

We know this will come as a disappointment to many, but we feel this is now the best course of action to take. Some of the considerations have been outlined below.

• There are no longer enough fixtures left to constitute a league, whilst rescheduled, postponed or alternative races fall later in the year clashing with WORL fixtures (following the decision to ensure the WRRL and WORL are separate without overlap, extending the league is not a viable option)

• Given the uncertainty, financial outlay and risk of preparing for an event later in the year, I feel it is not responsible to place any pressure on event organisers to press ahead to satisfy WRRL inclusion when subsequent postponement is possible

It must also be considered that there remains a real risk at mass participation events and we are currently unsure what shape events may take later in the year. Some athletes may be unable to compete for a variety of reasons and events may have restricted numbers meaning athletes will struggle to get a place.

County Championships

Just for now, we are not able to announce what will happen to the county championship events scheduled for 2020. We will need more certainty about the form, capacity and ability for open competition on a level playing field at any events that may be able to proceed. WAA will now focus on monitoring the situation in an attempt to hold county championship races in 2020 while also focusing on preparing a 2021 WRRL. The priority here will be to support those events/organisers that were due to form part of the 2020 league.

I hope this message finds all the athletes in the county safe and well. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me (Simon Nott, WAA Road Running Secretary). I hope you all agree that the above decision is in everybody’s best interests.