South West Inter-Counties Athletics July 2021

South West Inter-Counties – 18th July 2021

It is anticipated that the first Wiltshire athlete (for each event) from the championships will be invited to compete at the South West inter-counties competition at Exeter on 18th July – details to be confirmed.

It is thought that individuals will receive an email with the entry link from the county team manager which you will be entitled to use in order to enter as the county selected athlete. This is in advance of the competition being opened to other athletes; for which there will be an entry standard, which will have to be achieved by all athletes including those selected as the county representatives.

If you fail to enter on time and the event is then full you will have missed out. There is no county competition this year. These details are the most up to date information to hand at the moment and presently there is no team manager so any volunteers for the role appreciated – I will send links if no one comes forward to undertake that role but I am unlikely to be at the competition as things stand at the moment.

Further details on South West Athletics can be found here.

Thank you