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Wiltshire County Athletics 2021 Track and Field Results

Held on 23rd, 28th & 29th May 2021

A huge thanks to all officials and volunteers for their commitment to the 3 county championships competitions – without them it could not have happened. A thank you also to all athletes and supporters – you made the days’ events worthwhile.

A small word for the future though, please do remember that county qualification may not be obvious from either club or home residential address; some people are born in a county and then move away – they do however retain their county qualification if they wish to exercise it. This year we did have guest competitors who had asked if they could compete as there had been fewer competitions due to COVID-19 and where there was space and they had entered on time, we did allow it – it made for 3 really good days’ of competitions so thank you again to all athletes.

The full results (Revised on 3rd June) from the festival can be found here on the Track and Field Results page.

Huge thanks

Fiona (Wilts Track and Field)