Wiltshire Off-Road League 2021/22

Race#3 Tables published

We have now published a first version of the Wiltshire Off-Road Race League (WORL) results after the first 3 races

You can find the current tables here

We have 14 Clubs registered to take part in the league this year and so far have had 140 individuals running for those clubs in any of the 3 races.

As the results are posted we are confident they are correct. However, if you spot a mistake or something to query, just get in touch and let us know.

The most fun part while putting the results together has been pulling together pseudonyms for runners and clubs … Who knew that Wootton Bassett Hounds could be spelt 5 ways in just one race or – naming names (it’s difficult not to!) – that Gaz and Gareth, Phil and Philip, Charlie and Charles and various individuals that suddenly decide to use a middle name are each one and the same person!

It is really important that we use the correct and consistent personal names and clubs when entering races, otherwise a significant manual effort to correct these post event is required. We cannot promise to be able to change details. Our request is that clubs and individuals notify us within 5 days of the tables being published (absolutely no more than two weeks). This is only fair to those who did ensure correct details were entered and are wanting to see their results.