Off the Road and Over the Hills! (WORL) League Updates!

Congratulations to all our Wiltshire Athletic Association affiliated athletes – and others who gave us a great race – for a hotly contested 2nd WORRL race at the weekend. Avon Valley Runners Over The Hills

The latest results are available here

There were 74 Wiltshire Ladies and 127 Wiltshire Men taking part in this race, making a total of 163 Men & 92 Ladies competing in the Wiltshire Off Road Race League so far in 2023/24!

Chippenham Harriers have had 50 runners out battling for position with AVR fielding 49 different runners so far.

This battle is being clearly demonstrated at the top of Division 1, with AVR and Chippenham on one win and one second place apiece. AVR just taking the top spot due to points scored at the races. There are all sorts of other battles within the divisions, with places being switched in pairs up and down the tables.

There are loads of pics of tablesshown here and linked through the spreadsheet. If some of the numbers don’t come up on the spreadsheet let me know, I’ve left some of the formulas in instead of pasting over them to save time.

1 & 2: Division 1 & 2, Congratulations to AVR taking both Top Spots.

3&4: Ladies League Table, part 1 & 2. Congratulations to Emma Haley (Chippenham Harriers) who is leading the Ladies League so far and to Laura Midwinter-Brown (Corsham), Julia Maddocks (Chippenham) and Lorraine Ferris (RWBH) who are currently sitting in the top age group places.

5-7: Mens League Tables, part 1-3:. Congratulations to Jake Stephens (Chippenham Harriers) who is leading the Men’s League so far and to Matthew Waite (Calne Running Club), Ian Shelley (CoSARC), Paul Reddaway (Corsham) and Stephen Heavens (RWBH) who are currently in the top age group places.

8-13 Age Group Tables, Ladies then Men.

14-18 Club Runners taking part so far, Ladies then Men.

Over The Hills Tables:

19 OTH Division Scores

20 OTH Scores regardless of Division

21-23: OTH Individual Scores, Ladies then Men.

24-26: OTH Scoring Members for each Team.

If there are errors that I have made please let me know. If there are errors in the Race Results Table itself now, it is too late to change this now.

Thankyou to all the clubs who came back so quickly with the amendments to the race results. All changes have been incorporated.


The next race is Shrewton Running Club‘s Yarnbury Yomp.

Race #4, in January, is The Riverbank Rolllick by Thornbury Running Club – it is predicted to sell out before the end of November. Don’t leave it too late to enter.