Awards 2014

Wiltshire Athletic Association hosted a presentation awards evening at the Devizes Sports & Social Club on Friday 6th June 2014 to recognise those who make the county an outstanding place to run. There are awards for athletes, coaches, officials and others who give their time to make it possible for us to run and participate in events.

After deliberation the Awards Judging Panel made the following presentations from the 113 nominations received:

Male athlete of the year

  • Simon Dill (Swindon Harriers) – WINNER
  • Michael Towler (Avon Valley Runners) – RUNNER UP
  • Simon Nott (Calne Running Club) – RUNNER UP

Female athlete of the year

  • Lizzi Clifford (City of Salisbury A&RC) – WINNER
  • Keeleigh Chapman (Swindon Harriers) – RUNNER UP
  • Ruth Barnes (Avon Valley Runners) – RUNNER UP

Young Male athlete of the year

  • Jacob Ness (City of Salisbury A&RC) – WINNER
  • Lewis Harnett (Moonrakers AC) – RUNNER UP
  • Will Crisp (Swindon Harriers) – RUNNER UP

Young Female athlete of the year

  • Skye Allen (City of Salisbury A&RC) – WINNER
  • Becky Alexander (Swindon Harriers) – RUNNER UP
  • Polly Maton (Moonrakers AC) – RUNNER UP

Veteran Male athlete of the year

  • Peter Molloy (Swindon Harriers) – WINNER
  • Gary Dunstone (Chippenham Harriers) – RUNNER UP
  • Gordon Wiltshire (City of Salisbury A&RC) – RUNNER UP

Veteran Female athlete of the year

  • Fiona Price (Avon Valley Runners) – WINNER
  • Denise Grech (Calne Running Club) – RUNNER UP
  • Sam Kelly (Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds) – RUNNER UP

Unsung hero of the year

  • Stuart Henderson (Corsham Running Club) – WINNER
  • Lorraine Ferris (Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds) – RUNNER UP
  • Sean Price (Avon Valley Runners) – RUNNER UP

Official of the year

  • Aly Sloane (City of Salisbury A&RC) – WINNER
  • Alan Brown (Swindon Harriers) – RUNNER UP
  • Dave Amey (City of Salisbury A&RC) – RUNNER UP

Coach of the year

  • Colin Baross (Moonrakers AC) – WINNER
  • Michelle Maxwell (Chippenham Harriers) – RUNNER UP
  • Tony Jackson (Swindon Harriers) – RUNNER UP

Club initiative of the year

  • JAVR 2K (Avon Valley Runners) – WINNER
  • One Mile Club (Corsham Running Club) – RUNNER UP
  • Sofa to 5K (Devizes Running Club) – RUNNER UP

Race of the year

  • Chippenham Half Marathon (Chippenham Harriers) – WINNER
  • AVR Wiltshire Half Marathon (Avon Valley Runners) – RUNNER UP
  • Corsham St Georges 10K (Corsham Running Club) – RUNNER UP

Athletics Brain of Wiltshire

  • Ellie Isaacs (Avon Valley Runners) – WINNER