Road Race League Tables 2012

Final standings

In 2012 there were separate tables for the men and women. In subsequent years two divisions were created with combined Men & Women scores.

Male League Table

1Avon Valley Runners – A196
2Chippenham Harriers – A189
3Team Bath AC – A173
4Avon Valley Runners – B167
5Chippenham Harriers – B155
6Swindon Harriers – A144
7Corsham Running Club – A112
8Slinn Allstars – A92
9Highworth Running Club – A87
10Calne SMaRTT – A84
11Salisbury A&RC – A83
12Calne Running Club – A73
13Swindon Striders – A65
14Team Bath AC – B65
15Devizes Running Club – A62
16Wootton Bassett Hounds – A54
17Marlborough Running Club – A45
18Swindon Harriers – B41
19Highworth Running Club – B19
20Calne SMaRTT – B18
21Corsham Running Club – B16
22Swindon Striders – B16
23Wootton Bassett Hounds – B10
24Pewsey Vale Running Club – A9
25Slinn Allstars – B7
26Calne Running Club – B0
27Devizes Running Club – B0
28Marlborough Running Club – B0
29Pewsey Vale Running Club – B0
30Salisbury A&RC – B0

Ladies League Table

1Avon Valley Runners – A196
2Chippenham Harriers – A193
3Corsham Running Club – A138
4Avon Valley Runners – B130
5Chippenham Harriers – B128
6Team Bath AC – A121
7Slinn Allstars – A120
8Swindon Harriers – A91
9Salisbury A&RC – A66
10Calne SMaRTT – A49
11Highworth Running Club – A49
12Swindon Striders – A46
13Wootton Bassett Hounds – A33
14Marlborough Running Club – A29
15Devizes Running Club – A24
16Highworth Running Club – B17
17Team Bath AC – B17
18Wootton Bassett Hounds – B15
19Corsham Running Club – B13
20Slinn Allstars – B11
21Calne Running Club – A0
22Calne Running Club – B0
23Calne SMaRTT – B0
24Devizes Running Club – B0
25Marlborough Running Club – B0
26Pewsey Vale Running Club – A0
27Pewsey Vale Running Club – B0
28Salisbury A&RC – B0
29Swindon Harriers – B0
30Swindon Striders – B0


The winners are now included in the Roll of Honour page found here

Full team and individual scoring can be found here