Cross Country Championships

The 2018 Wiltshire Cross Country Championships will take place on 9th December at Bath University in conjunction with the XC Championships for Somerset and Avon. Entries available from

Events will commence at the venue at 11am in accordance with the programme below:

11:00 – U11 Girls (1.9km – 1 short lap)

11:15 – U11 Boys (1.9km – 1 short lap)

11:30 – U13 Girls (2.8km – 1 long lap)

11:50 – U13 Boys (2.8km – 1 long lap)

12:10 – U15 Girls (3.8km – 2 short laps)

12:30 – U15 Boys (3.8km – 2 short laps)

12:50 – U17 & U20 Women (4.7km – 1 short and 1 long lap)

13:10 – U17 & U20 Men (5.7km – 3 short laps)

13:40 – Senior & Veteran Ladies (6.6km – 2 short and 1 long laps)

14:10 – Senior & Veteran Men (10.3km – 1 short and 3 long laps)

Individual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals shall be awarded at the finishing line to leading individual athletes from each of the three counties based on the provisional results.

Team medals in the Senior/Veterans races will be awarded according to the results calculated on the sum total of the finishing positions of the first 6 male runners and of the first 4 female runners belonging to the same affiliated club and county as declared on their entry application, relative to other runners from the same county or in the case of the Tri-county championships, the whole field.

Team medals and trophies, where applicable will be awarded at 15:30 at the county Athletic Association tent(s) along with individual medals for Senior/Veteran athletes.

Full results of the event will be published at and also on Power of Ten website.

Tri County Championships Course Map 2018

Tri County Championships Course Map 2018

Results for previous years are available to download from the results page.