Wiltshire Off-Road League (WORL)

Updated October 2021 (applied to 2021/22 onwards)

The Wiltshire Off-Road Race League (WORL) is an annual series of races for all runners from clubs affiliated to Wiltshire Athletic Association with the goal of promoting running within the county and raising the profile of Wiltshire clubs and athletes. These races are Off-Road, meaning they are mostly gravel path, woodland, fields etc. There will usually be road sections. Expect these races to be hilly and potentially muddy.

The races are selected by the XC and Off-Road secretaries and clubs are encouraged to submit races for consideration. There are typically eight races in a season which runs from Autumn to the following Spring.

The League is structured into two divisions, with promotion and relegation each season.

In summary, each eligible athlete in a race is awarded points. The team scores are calculated as the top five male/female runners in a club scoring for the ‘A’ team and the next five scoring for the ‘B’ team. The club points are allocated from the sum of these scores for each race.

In a typical season, for each individual and club the top six scores are used for the total.

Awards are as follows:

  • highest scoring team in the First Division of WRRL
  • highest scoring Open Male/Female (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
  • highest scoring Category Male/Female in the following veteran categories: V40, V50, V60 & V70

The full rules and scoring for the league can be found here: Wiltshire Off-Road League Rules