Road Running Rankings 2019

These Rankings are not formally used for any awards or team selections and so no position is shown. They are simply provided as a point of interest and guidance to measure individual performances against other runners in the Wiltshire League and only for races in the Wiltshire Road League.

We have launched the rankings for the distances below which are each listed on a separate web page. For the series races no date is given for the achieved time,,

In order to see extended rankings, all England Athletics registered runners will be able to see themselves on power 0f 10 website. An affiliated club filter is provided below for Wiltshire Athletics.

You will be able to filter and sort the rankings using the Search and other controls on the web page linked below. For instance if you type ‘Calne’ in the search, then only rows with the word Calne appear. So you can filter by club, category or person.

Distance RankingsLeague MaleLeague FemalePower of 10 MalePower of 10 Female
All Distancesherehere
5 Mileherehereherehere
10 Mileherehereherehere
20 Mileherehere
Half Marathonherehereherehere